Box Stall with Run

Your horse will love their comfortable box stall which is 12'x12' and includes a run of approximately 12' x 24'. Includes tack-room storage space for one saddle, bridle, and a tack trunk (must fit under the saddle rack).

  • Shavings & daily cleaning inside and out

  • Grass Hay

  • Automatic Waterer

  • Grain included; 2lbs daily ~ options Purina Strategy GX or Roasted to Perfection -Intense Blend

  • We feed additional supplements (provided by owner)

  • Turnout ~ this service is in progress we need to build fences and will update this with a price ASAP!

  • Blanketing (additional fee $50 per month)

  • Tack room space

  • Trailer Parking

Box stall ~ $500 per month | Box stall with turnout ~ Coming Soon!

Shelter with Run

Your horse will enjoy their lovely paddock which includes a fenced area of approximately 12' x 36' and a 12' x 12' shelter. Shared paddocks hold two to three horses and the fenced area and shelters are proportionally larger.

  • Grass Hay morning and evening

  • Shelter and water

  • Mucking the paddock

  • Blanketing available (extra charge of $75 per month for paddock horses)

  • Trailer Parking


Private Paddock ~ $400 per month

Paddock with Windbreak

Your horse will be pleased to have a paddock with windbreak which includes a fenced area of approximately 24' x 24' and a 12' x 12' corner windbreak. 

  • Grass Hay morning and evening

  • Windbreak

  • Water

  • Mucking the paddock

  • Blanketing available (extra charge of $75 per month for paddock horses)

  • Trailer Parking


Paddock ~ $250 per month

Overnight / Short Term Boarding

Rest easy knowing your horse is comfortable and secure at Riata during your travels!

Price varies depending on level of service requested.

Paddock with wind break - $20 per horse each a night

Shelter with run - $25 per horse each a night

Box stall $35 per horse per night each

Box stalls with run - $45 per horse per night

Additional fees for feed, handling, arena use, or other special accommodations.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, and it costs a little more due to credit card processing fees. Credit card companies add a fee to every transaction so if you'd like to pay by credit card please let us know and we'll send you a link where you can securely enter your card information for the higher amount. For example:
$615.00 horse board * 3.5% fee = $21.52
so the total for a horse board paid by credit card would be $636.52 There is no fee for payments in cash, check or by bank transfer (eft or intuit IPN invoice check)

What do you do when it's too cold for turnout?

Your horse's health and safety are our priority. We know that the weather in Wyoming is dramatic, and when it is trecherous out we will keep them in where they are warm and safe.

If my horse is gone for a while what happens?

Upon request, we would love to package hay and grain are available "to go" for short absences of 2 weeks or less (horse shows etc.). If you plan on being gone a month or more with your horse for vacation, and want to keep your stall or paddock for your return we charge 50% board to guarantee your horse's home! Whether you're taking your horse on the road for a week, a month, or longer please let us know as early as possible so we can make appropriate arrangements to help you with all your horse's needs.

How quickly can I move my horse in?

Please give us a call 307-316-3180, we would love to see how we can accomodate you and your horses!